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Guiding Principles

Building Changes

Policy Changes


Parent Handbook

Guiding Principles:

Guiding Principles

Working Together

  • Families, teachers, and church staff all share responsibility for the safety of our school community. Successfully reopening our school will require communication and collaboration among all parties, and a willingness to adhere to the guidelines set forth. We must trust each other and keep in mind that we all have the same goal: to keep our preschool community healthy and safe.

Proceeding with Caution

  • There are no “zero risks” scenarios possible as we begin the school year. We can, however, err on the side of caution in our decision making. Our goal is to reduce risk and harm by implementing mitigation strategies and making decisions using an abundance of caution.

Limiting Transmission Chains:

  • Research shows that the best practices for healthy childcare settings involve keeping groups small and separate.  By eliminating contact between classes, we can prevent a classroom outbreak from becoming a school-wide outbreak.

    • We will keep class sizes within our quality rated standards and ensure that classes will remain separate from each other.

    • Classes will not intermingle with other classes. 

    • Children will use only the hallway on which their classroom is located and use only the bathroom on that hallway. 

Layering Defenses

  • We recognize that many small preventative actions are necessary to maintain a healthy and safe environment. We will use every possible protective measure for our specific school environment.

Maintaining Flexibility

  • Guidance for managing COVID-19 & the Delta Variant continues to evolve. We must have an adaptive approach in responding to contagion numbers within our community. As our understanding of the virus changes, our procedures and policies may change as a result. We reserve the right to change our policies as the year progresses.

Changes Within Our Building:

Building Changes

Air Quality

  • We have purchased Purashield 500 biotech air filtration systems to capture and destroy up to 99.98% of target viruses & bacteria molecules (aerosols). We have placed these purifiers in all classrooms.  

  • We will also spend more time learning outdoors.


  • We will have staggered carpool times and locations. 

  • Children’s temperature and health will be assessed before they leave their cars each morning and midday.

Cleaning & Disinfecting:

  • We will be using cleaning and disinfecting products recommended by the CDC, specifically for COVID-19 & variants.

  • Staff members will be dedicated to the cleaning and disinfection of commonly used and high-touch areas, including the bathroom and playground, regularly throughout the day. 

  • We will continue to add modifications to our physical building environment that will allow us to reduce contagion risks as the year continues.

Classroom Changes

  • Classes will be distanced at all times and will remain in their pods. (One class at a time on the playground and in the hallways)

  • We have removed all items from the classrooms that cannot be cleaned and disinfected daily.

  • Toys, books, learning materials, and other objects will not be shared between classrooms and will undergo a thorough disinfection process if moved to a new class.

  • Given the Covid-19 community levels in Dekalb County are continually subject to change (see here), wearing a mask indoors is highly recommended, however required mask mandates are depend upon current CDC recommendations. It is required that all OPP & OPC employees are fully vaccinated and boosted. Employees who are not fully vaccinated and boosted will continue to wear a mask in addition to those that choose to wear a mask for personal or other reasons. Students will not be required to wear masks unless a child is able to keep a mask on without touching it. If Covid-19 community levels rise to HIGH (red), as tracked by the CDC, we will return to requiring that all teachers wear masks indoors. (*Change in mask mandate effective August 2022; Subject to change)

  • Students will have assigned seating, and seating will be distanced accordingly.

  • We will wash and disinfect surfaces after every activity.

  • Students and staff will wash and sanitize hands after every activity.

  • Our staff will follow a rigorous cleaning and disinfection schedule for all objects within the classroom. Cleaning and disinfecting will take place after children have left the classroom.

  • Each student will have their own bin of high-use supplies- such as crayons and scissors, etc.

  • All classrooms are equipped with Purashield 500 biotech air filtration machines that take care of 99.98% of viruses (aerosols).

Policy Changes:

Policy Changes

Health Policy Changes

  • Temperature screenings will be done on staff and students before entering the building. 

  • Anyone with a fever of 100.4 will not be admitted.

  • Children will also undergo a visual screening by our staff, and children showing signs of illness will not be admitted. 

  • Children with an ill family member will not be admitted.

  • Children who have had a fever must be fever-free for 48 hours before returning to school.

  • Only staff and students will be allowed to enter the building. 

  • Parents may be allowed to visit during ‘outdoor time’ for special occasions, but must follow school policies and procedures.

  • The school will provide an isolation area and mask for children who develop fever or symptoms during the school day.

Activity Policy Changes

  • Only one class at a time will be permitted on the playground. We will continue to review the opportunity for 2 classes together.

  • Communal spaces may be used one class at a time with no more than 28 individuals in the space. Specials teachers will either invite children to their room, go to each classroom or outside; these teachers will not reuse items for more than one classroom unless those items are properly cleaned and disinfected between classes.

  • After-school extracurricular activities, e.g., Up4 Tennis, Tap Ballet, etc., are now permitted with safety guidelines in place.

  • We will have lunch bunch and extended day choices until 1:00pm or 2:00pm.  

  • Whole school gatherings will be modified.                    

  • We will stagger certain functions if we have them at all.

  • Activities will be held outside weather permitting.

Frequently Asked Questions from Parents:


*We reserve the right to make modifications to our guidelines, as needed. 

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