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Outdoor Classroom

Art Class


Social Skills Lessons

Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

This is where you talk about the outdoor classroom, all of its features, how the kids go out and do things, what Ms. Emma talks about seasonally and teaches them.


You can list the many features of the classroom also to highlight the best aspects of it all, including:

  • Garden boxes with fresh plants & veggies

  • Climbing rock wall

  • Dirt Kitchens (bring on the mud pies!)

  • Musical wall

  • Balancing path on tree stumps

  • Bamboo Tee-pee

  • Bunny Hutch with Nibbles the Bunny

  • Train table

  • Block table

  • Nature books

  • Natural Sensory boxes




We offer a weekly art class taught with a theme we like to call Little Masters. Taught by Rachel Galotti, the class allows our children to learn what art is, including the basics as well as learning all about the Masters that historically shaped them. We also explore various art methods and techniques that enable the children to express themselves creativity and exercise their fine-motor skills in the process. 


Pastor Mike Watson enjoys chapel once a week with our PreK and Kindergarten classes. Time spent together involves a biblical story, music, and song. 


Social Skills Lessons:
Puppets w/ Ms. Jill

Our adaptive learning teacher Ms. Jill conducts Social Skills sessions in each of our classes every week with the puppets Zippy and Mo.


During the first semester, the children learn to identify and cope with the feelings – happy, sad, and mad – and practiced ways to share. During the second semester, they begin by discussing issues of friendships, including jealousy and frustration. With these stills, they will learn various ways to apologize in situations involving empathy, accidents, and regret. These lessons led by Zippy and Mo – and Ms. Jill, of course – help children communicate in a healthy and productive way for both the themselves and the recipricantt. 

Social Skills Lessons
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